I'm fond of saying that I blog on and off, and that I'm currently "blogging on." I use that phrase because since 2004, I've blogged in 4 different systems. Sometimes, I take a long break in between, such as from 2008 to 2011. The posts that have been on this site from the beginning are from 2011 until the present. In that continuous line of blogging, I was hosted on Tumblr, then Wordpress, then Tumblr again, and now Squarespace. All this writing is under the "Sokology 101" banner.

Because of the 3 year gap, I wanted to start fresh when I started Sokology. I actually started blogging on Xanga when I was in college in 2004. I called my blog, I mean, weblog, "The Nonsensical Ravings of a Lunatic Mind." After I left college, I started fresh (see the pattern?) with a new Wordpress blog called "The Legend of Duke Skyloafer," after my online alter-ego. After some time, I imported my old Xanga posts into that blog as well.

So now it's 2015. I feel the time is right to bring back the old posts. I've enjoyed reading over them again to remember what I was like 10 years ago. At times, it's pretty painful for me to read. I was in college, dealing with school and girl issues, and going through what appears, in retrospect, to be an emo phase.

When I was writing on Xanga, we didn't really have "social networks" as we have them today. I couldn't post my up-to-the-minute feelings on Facebook or Twitter. Xanga, LiveJournal, and Blogger where the most popular options for that sort of broadcast. I'm really not sure why all my friends chose Xanga, but I followed the crowd. Xanga posts didn't have a subject line, so on this blog those posts are just called "Xanga Post X."

You can see how my blogging habits changed as I got older, my friends dispersed, and other social networks became prevalent. For a while, I tried to be a full-on tech pundit, but that didn't last long. It's not really something I'm well suited to. I'd love to try to explain all my random eccentricities, like my tendency to start every post with "Well, ..." It's probably best if I don't mention everything I dislike about my old writing style.

The legacy posts are mostly unaltered from their original form. The spelling and grammar errors are all intact. The only content I've updated are the broken links within the posts themselves. I've also curated the posts a little bit. I removed a few that were purposefully vague or simply an in-joke. Basically, I spared you from the posts that had absolutely no value, even to me.

Looking back, I'm amazed that I was so open to writing about my feelings. I have the impression that I'm not as open as I was then, but that's not true. It's just that those thoughts go on Twitter or Facebook now. The current version of my blog is for longer thoughts. Plus, I also have that podcast.

So enjoy my legacy posts. You can find them by going to the "Legacy" category.