The final phase of my master rebranding plan is now in place. The first phase involved migrating my site to Squarespace. The next phase was the changing of my avatar to this new cartoony one, designed by Patrick Hughes. Changing the site's title and URL was the most recent phase.

This last phase involves the social media with which I'm associated. If you're on Facebook, you can now "Like" this blog by visiting its Facebook page.

In addition, I'm retiring my long-standing Twitter handle, @dukeskyloafer. My goal is to be more professional (as professional as a person who blogs/podcasts about toys and gadgets can get). I retired years ago, and now the time has come for my Twitter identity to follow suit.

Since the people who own @bsokol and @briansokol aren't willing to give them up (or even talk to me), I'm going with @_bsokol. For the sake of #brands, please pronounce that as At-Underscore-B-Sokol.

Be warned, however, that if the folks sitting on a variation of the handle that don't involve an underscore suddenly make it available, I'm going to scoop that right up, and then you'll have to change all your bookmarks again. I'm not above that.