Tom Warren for The Verge:

At one point during the meeting, Ballmer chose to play the song he used back at his first company meeting in 1983: Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin.’” He then proceeded to jump and dance around the stage screaming at the top of his voice “the sound of Microsoft!” After the song ended, an emotional Ballmer paused to “enjoy this for a minute,” with tears visibly streaming down his face. “You work for the greatest company in the world, soak it in.”

So many corporations fall on bad times because their CEOs are only interested in earning a nauseatingly large paycheck and bonus before leaving the company to someone else to pick up the pieces. Sometimes the market changes, and a corporation’s leadership just doesn’t see how to adapt until it’s too late. For Microsoft, Steve Ballmer is absolutely in the latter group. He may have made some bad and short sighted decisions, but no one can deny that Microsoft was a passion for him. It was his life. I don’t believe he ever put personal gain before the good of the company.

It’s satisfying to see an ineffective CEO leave, because it gives you hope for the future. I still have to feel bad for Steve Ballmer though, because you know he did his best, but his best just wasn’t good enough.