You know what DC Comics’s problem is? They are embarrassed by their own IP. They think it can’t possibly have broad appeal. They treat comics as if they were a secret club whose only members are the precious few who enjoy their characters as they are. Why else would they randomly change details whenever a property is brought to a broader medium?

The movie Green Lantern is a fine example. Why change Hal Jordan’s costume colors?

But that’s in the past now. I watched the latest trailer for the CW’s Arrow TV series, and I’m a little disappointed. I would really have enjoyed a show about Green Arrow, but he’s apparently not in it. The character, at least in the trailer, goes by the name Arrow (not green), and he lives in Starling City (not Star City). In addition, his personality is nothing like that of his comics counterpart. He’s basically Batman. Finally, the female lead on the show is Laurel Lance. I guess things would just get way too crazy if she went by Dinah, her first name, instead of Laurel, her middle name.

Just like with Smallville, the assumption seems to be that the CW audience wouldn’t be able to handle the characters as they should be, otherwise they’d all be reading comic books already. Maybe it never crossed their minds that if these viewers like the characters, they’ll be turned off from the comics when they realize the comic book character is different.

DC is talking about a Justice League movie now. I assume all the characters will have different names, different costumes, and different personalities. Between this and the seemingly constant comic reboots, I can already sense the comic shops’ frustrations.