Anton Troianovski over at yonder The Wall Street Journal has discovered a problem with the new iPad (thanks for Daring Fireball and The Loop for linking me to the story). With 4G LTE, one is capable of streaming higher quality video, which means you’ll burn through your data allotment very quickly. Contrary to what Jim Dalrymple and John Gruber believe, this is actually a unique iPad problem. Granted, the issue would have existed with other 4G LTE tablets, had any of them been purchased and used.

One line, however, really caught my attention:

The iPad’s new high-resolution screen and fast connection are specifically designed to spur greater use of online video, a long-stated goal for phone companies as well as technology purveyors such as Apple and GoogleInc.

Emphasis added. Now, I don’t follow Google’s every word, but I do follow Apple. I’m pretty sure that the inclusion of 4G LTE was not included specifically to get people to watch online video. That’s one use, sure. But let’s assume Apple didn’t have an online store that sold videos that could be streamed to the device. Do you really think they would not have included 4G LTE in this device?

Let’s assume, though, that Apple’s motivation for adding 4G LTE is video streaming. Have they ever stated that? Have they long-stated that? I don’t think so.

Something tells me that the phrase “such as Apple and Google” is intended to be a smokescreen. It’s designed to imply that Apple and Google want you to pay extra in data charges, while actually saying something entirely nebulous. It could be Apple, it could be Google. Could be another company like Apple and Google. Rest assured, somewhere out there is a company that wants you to watch too much video.