At WWDC 2012, Apple announced that they are replacing Google Maps as the built-in system map service in iOS 6’s MapKit. The new Apple Maps offer some pretty cool features, primarily the flyover view and turn-by-turn navigation. I also like the new look of their maps. Google’s map tiles look somewhat outdated by comparison.

There are a few features that the new maps service will be losing, however. I gather from reading the Internet that the most important of these features are Street View and non-car directions (you know, walking, biking, etc.). I’m not convinced this will be an issue.

I would be very surprised if Google isn’t making an app for iOS right now that will function nearly exactly like the Maps app we have in iOS 5, if not better. Apple does allow other maps apps into the App Store, such as MapQuest. I’m sure Google will be allowed.

In the end, you the user will have the best of both worlds, just in 2 different apps. If you like Google Maps, make that your go-to map app. Otherwise, give Apple’s new maps a shot. And if developers need a Google Maps feature that isn’t in MapKit, they’ll have to use the Google Maps API. Either way, it isn’t the end of the world.

Now, if Google decides not to put out an iOS maps app, blame them, not Apple. Where maps are concerned, iOS is their platform to lose.