My wife asked that from now on when I have an interesting dream, I should chronicle it online. So, here is the dream that I experienced on the night of Saturday, February 11th, 2012.

At least two men (presumably robbers) broke into my house in the middle of the night. One of the robbers had a gun, the other was apparently unarmed. Not wanting to wake up my wife, I engaged the robbers in my office (one of the spare bedrooms).

The exact details of the fight are no longer clear to me, and maybe never were. At one point, I fought the unarmed burgler with a broad sword. I didn’t take a sword to the battle, so I assume it was a weapon of convenience. Somehow, my rival got ahold of the sword and charged at me, full speed.

I managed to pull off a maneuver I had only once accomplished in real life. I side stepped the man, but managed to also trip him. With nothing to grab onto, he fell directly off of the cliff and into the fiery chasm below. I assume this was an old addition, because I did not seem phased by the presence of such a topographical feature inside my office.

I then turned my attention to the armed robber. I managed to knock the gun away from him immediately, and we began to grapple. After a valiant struggle, he regained the gun and pointed it directly at my head.

"Well, it was a good try," I said. He then shot me in the head, killing me.

I was not in my body at the time the shot was fired. I remember watching the bullet, in slow motion, sever the two halves of my brain (in x-ray vision) and the burst out the back of my head. It wasn’t very realistic, because I’ve never seen someone get shot in the head.

The next day, in the real world, I learned that while I slept, a man was shot in the head at a bar where my wife often goes country line dancing on Saturday nights, but hadn’t this week.

Small world.