People who know me would probably be confused by the title, because I’m always excited for WWDC. But this year is different. It’s the first WWDC after Steve Jobs’s passing, and it’s the first one since I’ve started dabbling in iOS programming.

In the past, I was excited to see the new OSes because I wanted to see what others would do with the new APIs. This year I’m excited to see what I can do with the new APIs.

And, of course, I’m excited for the new features of the OS proper, and for any possible hardware updates that may be released around the same time. I could never keep track of all the rumors surrounding the possible reveals next Monday. The only things we can be sure of are previews of OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6, and that neither one will be released on Monday. Along with these, we should expect updates to iCloud and Siri. Anything else is entirely up in the air.

Finally, it’s time to see how the post-Jobs Apple team handles the biggest tech event of the year. Man, I cannot wait.

The WWDC keynote is scheduled to occur at 10 am pacific on Monday, June 11.