A lot of things have happened since the last post. I'll try and get to everything in the next day or two. You should all have guessed the topic of today's post from the headline. That's right, it's music. On March 14th (Pi Day) some friends and I attended a Jenny Lewis concert. For that review, please read the post entitled What a Week. Last Thursday I went to a Queen concert. Paul Rogers was filling in for Freddie Mercury who couldn't make it because he's dead. It was a very good show. They didn't sing "I Want to Break Free" as I was hoping, but they did sing "Under Pressure," which they said they don't normally do live. It allowed me to yell "deh deh det" at the wrong point in the song as I am prone to doing. We also made a friend who will probably come to the comic shop someday.

This Thursday I'm going to see Van Zant at Joe's in Chicago. I imagine that this will be an amazingly good show. Everyone I've spoken to who has seen them says they are great. You will be hearing about this show later.

That's all for now.