I've gone crazy. Sometime in March I stated that I was having trouble sleeping. Shortly after that, it seemed as if the problem had been resolved, but for the last few weeks I have entered into a new semi-cycle. Basically, I still become tired every night, but I cannot sleep. I lay in bed yawning until my jaw hurts and my eyes water, but I do not fall asleep. I've determined that it now takes at least 4 hours before I can fall asleep on a good night. Frequently, I'm exhausted during the next day, but that won't help me sleep the next night. Generally, after a few nights of this, I become so exhausted that I'll fall asleep around like 9 pm while watching tv or reading a book or talking to someone online, and sleep clear through to the next morning, resetting the cycle. I was willing to put up with this cycle because my work schedule is flexible and I frequently work 3pm-9pm, so I can have time to catch up on sleep. However, my body, or brain, or both, has/have decided that complacency is not an option. Now I'm going many days without sleep and I'm not becoming any more tired. Last night I did not sleep. I'm still not tired. I'm afraid to stay up another night, cause I may pass our during the day randomly, but I don't seem to have a choice. I already tried to sleep for 2 hours before I decided to get up and write this. Still not tired.

Therefore, I am surrendering to my body. I am going to go about my business and when the body says sleep, I will stop and sleep, and otherwise I'm going to remain awake. This should give me plenty of time to work on writing my 19-issue summer comic book event "Crisis on Infinite Cybertrons," which consists of a 1-issue prelude, as 6-issue countdown mini-series, and a 12-issue maxi-series. I may follow that up with a 5-issue aftermath mini-series, just so that it'll be an even 2 years of comic books. Then maybe I'll get it published. Yeah, in my dreams.

If only I was having some.