Last weekend, Stand-Up Comics celebrated its grand re-opening. There were many special events including discounts and raffles, but the best one was the snow troopers. We had two guys dressed as snow troopers (you know, from Star Wars) standing in front of the building waving people in. We even let people take pictures with them. I'll post some pictures in the photos section in a little while. I got to do the honor of cutting the ribbon with the giant scissors. That was the second coolest part of the day. We had a pretty big crowd for that.

In the evening, we had two comedians and some bands play. I didn't listen to any of them, but I think everyone enjoyed themselves overall.

After the store closed, we had an after party with pizza and beer and video games. That may have been the most fun part of the day. Either way, Stand-Up Comics is now officially open, whereas before it was just unofficially open. Hope to see you there some time.