Last weekend they left me alone at the store for like 2 whole days. Everyone else went out of town. I thought it was going to be terrible, but Saturday turned out to be like our most profitable day ever. I was very excited. There was a guy in the store for about 4 hours looking for comics. I love when they bring a list. Then you know they're serious. He bought a few hundred dollars worth of comics. And then he came back the next day for more. Amazing. The last few days though, this kid has been coming in to the store and causing trouble. For a while he was cool, but then he took Eric's cell phone, and after some words he threatened to break Eric's jaw, so we made him leave. He came back today, just wanting to hang out. After I wrestled him to the ground, he calmed down. He said he was here because there's no where else to hang out in Lansing, and he's right. Apparently he's in a gang or something. I wonder why he doesn't go hang out with them.

I went and saw a concert last night. The first opening band was awkward. They seemed nervous, and I guess one of the band members had food poisoning. The second opening guy was funny, but still not very amusing. The main attraction was good though. Jenny Lewis, alternative country singer and lead singer of the indie band Rilo Kiley. The show was good. However, her music is really good background music. It's very ambient, and it puts me to sleep easily. I had a hard time staying awake, mostly cause of the whiskey, which the bar tender gave me at a discount for some reason. Good times.