For those of you not tuned in to the latest buzzes in the computer world, let me explain what Boot Camp is. Boot Camp is an Apple utility that handles the installing and booting of Windows XP on an Intel Core Duo-based Mac. Essentially, it lets you run Windows on your Mac. Folks like Jim Louderback seem to think this is Apple's latest scheme to turn the Windows world to the Mac. This has led to every tech pundit on the web giving their reasons for why no ones should put Windows on their Mac. I will concede that they are correct; Windows should not be booted on a Mac. That's not the point though. This is not a scheme by Apple. They are not trying to move people to the Mac. Well, not in this fashion.

Back when the Intel move was just a rumor, well before Apple announced it, tech-savvy hackers and idiots wanting to impress their tech-savvy gamer friends declared they were going to run Windows on a Mac. Obviously, this is a very tempting prospect for some reason (I suspect that Windows users see this as a way to conquer the Mac, or to bring it down to their level. That's just my theory though).

Apple isn't stupid. Steve Jobs knew people would try, and they would screw their Macs up, and then they would call Apple for tech support (since they paid so much extra for a support plan) just to get their Mac to work without Windows. Apple released Boot Camp so that anyone can put Windows on their Mac without screwing the whole machine up. On top of that, Apple doesn't even support Boot Camp. If you use it, and you screw it up, they're not going to help you. You use it at your own risk. Not only does this alleviate headaches for Apple, it also takes the majesty out of putting Windows on your Mac, since anyone can do it. Now those hackers looking forward to the great challenge will be discouraged and forced to find other amusement.

So go ahead, Jim Louderback, keep telling everyone not to put Windows on their Macs. That's what Apple wants you to do.