As promised, here is my coverage of Wizard World Chicago. You can see pictures by clicking the photos link at the top of every page. There're pictures of every good costume that I saw, and I spent a lot of time just looking for these people. Marvel apparently forgot to show up on Thursday, and they were late on Friday, and their booth sucked in general. It was huge, but nothing happened in it, so no one hung out there. Pat and I hung out at the DC booth, which was always crowded hopping. I had a nice conversation with Dan Didio, leader of DC Comics. I was the first person ever to ask him to sign his dumb column at the end of the comics. We're friends now. We also made good friends with this guy named Vince, who we thought was just a security type guy, but turned out to be DC's head of sales, and he gave us his office number and some free stuff. So we got that going on now.

Thanks to Molly being both friendly and a girl at a comic book convention, I got to sit and talk with writers Geoff Johns and Jeph Loeb, not at the same time. They're nice people.

Geoff Johns writes about half of the DC comics, which we think is unrealistic. That's why Me, Pat, Eric, and TJ (mostly me) came up with the idea of Ultimate Geoff Johns. Marvel's "Ultimate" books are supposed to retell superhero stories in a modern, more realistic manner. Ultimate Geoff Johns is 4 guys with the powers of grammar, plot, dialogue, and something else we haven't decided on yet. When the four guys combine, they become Geoff Johns, who has all these powers plus the power of continuity. It was originally going to be a comic, but now it might be a stop motion show instead. We'll see how this ends up.

The rest of the 'Con was exciting, with lots of good deals and signings (I also met Michael Turner, Tony Daniel, and Peter David). Dan Didio gave me a poster signed by Grant Morrison.

Last year, Pat and I were bored at the 'Con and we went to the parking garage and we stood on the top floor and watched people walk in and out of the building across the street. We talked about how with any luck, in a year we'd be comic shop owners and have a booth at the 'Con. We'll, this year we did. Booth 1532 for future reference. It's nice to see some dreams come true every once and a while. Next up is the annual retailer's convention in Fort Wayne in October. That should be only slightly less fun than Wizard World. I'll let you know how that goes.