Well, it finally happened. I have a weblog. I avoided it as long as possible, but here it is. I guess techincally I had it for a while, but I have just now christened it by posting something in it. I guess I'll begin my weblog by talking about my Thanksgiving vacation, which is in progress. So far, I spent one night at an awesome Rascal Flatt's concert with Jess, two nights with Pat, one with Pat and Eric, and two nights just me and Poot, my kitty.

I watched Fahrenheit 9/11 last night and Outfoxed today. For the most part, politics and religion will be absent from this blog, so if you want to know my views, come find me.

I spent all day today putting up a Christmas tree and other decorations in my apartment. They look nice with all the freaking snow outside. Poot actually got an ornament this year, which was of a cat trying to get some ornaments off a tree. This ornament was ironically broken when Poot climbed up the tree and knocked it over.

Perhaps my next post will be about the Thanksgiving dinner with my family coming up, and the annual get up at 3 am to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving event. Look forward to it.