On Wednesday I woke up still feeling sick, so I meandered over to the bathtub. There I spent quite a bit of time sitting in the water and staring at the faucet. Occasionally I referred to the cat as "Little Brother." However, I decided that was depressing, so I dried off and went to the living room. I spent the rest of that day, and I mean the entire rest of the day, watching the Lord of the Rings extended editions. All of them. In order. For 11 hours. I feel so numb.

I made myself a steaming hot bowl of chicken and vegetable soup, but Poot decided to jump into the bowl, so that was out. She didn't get burned too bad, cause she was running around again moments later. I ended up eating balogna and cheese sticks, and Poot spent the rest of the day trying to eat the speckles off the bathroom countertop. If I can survive until New Year's, I think I'll be okay.

I was going to go in to work tomorrow, but instead I have to go home to get my driver's license renewed. They're closed on the day it actually expires. That means instead of hanging out with the cool people at work, I get to hang out at the DMV.


Thanks to my sickness I missed my only two chances to meet my good friend's fiancee before his wedding. I think I may regret that, but for now I don't care.

Until next time...