An article was posted at the Kansas State student newspaper online denouncing Macs as worthless machines. I generally don't go on holy wars promoting the Mac and damning the PC to hell, but this article is just too wrong not to comment on. It's almost as if someone wrote an article about the PC using true facts, and then did a find/replace "PC" with "Mac." My comments reference the article in order, so open the article in another window and follow along. You can find the article here:

His definition of "true PC-lover" is someone who has not yet left puberty and can speak a made up language that resulted from people not being able to type correctly. This does not show the division between Macs and PCs, but the division between gamers and non-gamers. Most PC users have never even heard of leet-speak.

Apple does hold about 3% of the market for desktops, and 5% for laptops. I'd say they're doing well, as the analogous Ferrari only holds less than a tenth of a percent of the automobile market.

My Mac does in fact do everything I want it to, where as my PC does about 75% of what I want it to do. A significantly larger amount of PCs are purchased by families for the sole purpose of using the Internet. There are very few "music stealing" programs for the Mac. PC users do most of the illegal downloading.

Why is it easier to program on a PC? Windows doesn't come with any programming tools, while the Mac comes with an entire CD of developer tools. The same goes for web design. It's not the machine, it's the software, which is available for both platforms.

The author presumes that Mac users must have been PC users first. Anyone buying a PC for the first time has to buy new software, too. For every function that a computer can perform, there is comparable software for both platforms.

Quicktime is actually fully capable, with the proper free plugins, of viewing practically all media formats. If the Mac needs special software besides Quicktime, the the PC probably needs special software besides Windows Media Player (There is also a Quicktime Player for Windows, and a Windows Media Player for Mac). I was also unaware that I was supposed to teach my software to play movies.

I don't see many advertisements for gaming computers anywhere other than at computer stores, but the gamer does hold a substantial share of the PC market, and that is sad. It's been proven that computer games can be psychologically addictive, so it's not really a surprise that most males between the ages of 16 and 26 are still playing computer games all day long and only leaving the house to work to make more money to buy a better computer so they can play the latest games. My 800 MHz G4 still plays the newest games just fine. Not that I'm bragging. Please don't assume that everyone who has a PC is a hardcore gamer.

The author's statistics on speed comparisons are actually reversed. The fastest G5 is slightly less than twice as fast as the fastest AMD and way faster than the fastest Pentium 4, when working with graphics. But other than graphic designers, who really works with graphics on a regular basis besides, you know, gamers?

He's almost right about the price thing, but his ratio is a little off. The cheapest Mac if $500 and comes with all the fixins (except keyboard and mouse), while the cheapest PC is about $250, and is really only good for checking e-mail, writing papers, and stealing music.

Absolutely no one can ever justify a claim that the Mac is unreliable. Mac apps crash occasionally, but they never take down the entire computer. There is no blue screen of death on the Mac. The name "Ellen Feiss" comes to mind ( I would be more leery of making a project on a PC, whose programs crash frequently, occasionally simply disappearing without a single word from Windows. I know from experience.

Not anyone can create a program on a PC, and if they can, they can do it on a Mac too. And when did programming languages become platform specific? PC programming language? You mean Visual Basic? If you're programming in Visual Basic and you think it's the best language ever, kill yourself. And who the hell is making their own programming language? It takes years and large groups of programmers and natural language analysts to create a compiler that can recognize a new language. I don't foresee anybody whipping out Visual TommyScript++ next time the cable goes out.

My Mac has a clear side window and two neon lights in it that beat with the music. I don't understand the point the author was making in this paragraph, other than that he knows what 2^32 is. I actually fit more in the case because the heat sink is only 1" by 1" by .25", and the fan on it is only recommended but not required. For those of you who don't know, modern PC heat sick/fan combos weigh about as much as my PowerBook.

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