Well, I'm at the Graduate Office right now. Every Friday the staff has a staff meeting and I sit here alone for an hour and a half. It's my favorite time of the week. Hardly anyone calls now too. The only problem is that after an entire summer of not having air conditioning in this office, they finally turned it on, and it's freezing everywhere. I'm wearing a coat. It's like being in the freaking Office of Student Accounts if you know what I mean, wink wink nudge nudge. I've been here a half hour and I've already completed everything on my list of things to do, as well as Norma Jean's list. Before I put my music on, NJ's computer was playing the Mix. I only listen to the Mix at work. They have this commercial that involves playing a snippet of what sounds like an Avril Lavigne song. I never hear the rest of the commercial because the announcer sounds like background noise, but the snippet stands out. I wish I knew what that commercial was for, cause I've heard that snippet tens of times now. I also now want to know how the rest of the song goes.

I guess I could just keep on writing, I've got almost an hour till people come back. I noticed the leaves are changing color on campus. They're really gonna be surprised when it gets into the 70s next week.

October is my favorite month. Many people like the month of their birth month because their birthday is in it, but I like October despite my birthday being in it. (I'm completely over the annual birthday depression, by the way). I like October because it's cool out, but not cold. I like temperatures in the 50s, because I can wear a light jacket. I don't particularly like wearing jackets (or long pants and socks, for that matter), but I really enjoy the extra pocketage, which outweighs having to wear added layers. I can use those pockets for carrying around things like my sunglasses, or my newly reassembled and functional iPod, or a batarang or two, in case there's a chance I may need to go on a mission.

Here's another good piece of news (the first being my newly repaired iPod). I finally have linux working on my computer in a usable form. It took many hours, but I manually installed all the OpenGL header files and binaries, so I can work on my graphics homework from home now. Kick ass. Now that my birthday has passed, I'm trying to focus on more positive things. Like the fact that I've almost completed my next programming assignment, which hasn't even technically been assigned yet, which means I won't have more than maybe 2 hours of homework total in the next 2 weeks. Though I do have a psychology test next week, so I guess I should read the chapters.

Other good things that happened recently are my attendence, with very good friends, of concerts which included the Warren Brothers, Big & Rich, Brooks & Dunn, and Phil Vassar. 13 days until Brad Paisley. Are we still planning on going to see Dierks Bentley in November?

We have a contract now and will be in the process of selling comic books by the end of October, though we may not have a storefront until December or January. But if you want any of our 250,000 back issues of comics, you can go to the website or ebay once everything is finished being set up. And if you want any of our 40,000 soft cover novels, PLEASE let me know, you can probably have them for free, cause we don't want them. Also book shelves are gonna be cheap if you want one of those.

There are new fun things posted on the multimedia page of my website, www.dartinyourneck.com.

I am going to an ACM conference as soon as I get off of work. It ought to be good. Stephen Wolfram and Blake Ross are going to be there. If anything interesting happens I'll give a full report when I get back. The ACM conference appears to be set up exactly like the Comic-Con. Instead of a dealer room, there is a job fair. A job fair is basically the exact opposite of a dealer room, but I'm sure it's set up the same way. Then there's the meat and potatoes of the shin dig: the presentations. Wolfram and Ross, and folks from Intel, IBM, Microsoft, and others are going to be giving presentations on pretty much everything you don't want to know about, but I do. There's always 2 talks simultaneous, so you have to choose which ones you want to hear ( meat or potatoes). Or if neither look interesting, you don't have to go to any, which I will be doing from time to time. I'm especially interested on speeches pertaining to graphics, open source, quantum technologies, and things pertaining to digital identity and security.

I also want to post about my prediction for the future of Microsoft so that it can be officially documented, but I'll save that for another time, since this MAY have become my longest post ever, a title previously held by the post that put that whiny bitch PC gamer in his place. Ah, good times.

The song I was listening to when I started writing ended a while ago.