So, I'm confused. Do I get to cash in my eProps for something once I've collected enough? What are they good for? Anything? It seems to me like the whole system is flawed to begin with, since I can only choose the degree of positive reinforcement. What if I really hated what you had to say? I could choose to give you no eProps, but that would be how many I would give if I just didn't care. Hating and not caring are too very different things. But I can choose 2 eProps if I really like something, or 1 if I only kinda like it. There should be like eBurns or something like that. Something to show my degree of disapproval. It would be the equivalent of a thumbs down.

While we're on the subject, why do you accumulate points in Super Mario Brothers. You can't cash them in for anything, and it doesn't keep track of high scores, so what's the point? And if I get 34,823,372,921,075 points and you get 34,823,375,263,184 points, does anyone really care? We still beat the game. Stupid Japanese Italians.

I'm listening to a CD called "Time Well Wasted." I spend a lot of time listening to it and doing nothing else, just so I can bask in the literal glory.


The Halloween costume that I began assembling in June is nearing completion. A lot of time, effort, money, and planning went into this. I suspect that it will be the best costume I've ever come up with. When I was in high school, my friends decided that we are very similar to the Justice League, and that each of us identifies with a different member. I was designated Batman, either because I tend to be dark & moody (?) or because of my tendency in department stores to disappear for short periods of time only to suddenly be standing right behind you. They really hate when I do that. Anyhow, my costume is that of Green Arrow. No wait, I mean Batman. I'm Batman. Complete with actual batarangs that will kill you if I happen to get a decent shot off for once, and a cowl that prevents me from turning my head side to side, just like in the movies. I have included an artist's rendering of what I expect to look like in the costume.

For my final thought, I'd like to say that if anyone wants to buy any comics now is the time, I have over 18,000 comic books that need to get sold. This batch is mostly Marvel, with a little bit of Image and Valiant thrown in along with some random smaller publishers. They range from the Bronze age to the Post-Modern Age. They are cheap, please buy them.