That was an amazing Halloween weekend. I got to pull seeds out of pumpkin goop and watch a scary movie with friends, and then head down to U of I for a costume party. To the right you should be able to find a picture of myself wearing the batsuit. I think it worked out really well and looked really cool. The only problems I had with it were that it was incredibly hot (in the bad way), my hair kept falling in front of my eyes within the mask, I couldn't hear, and I couldn't sit down. I was in a picture with Batgirl and Poison Ivy though, and that was hot (in the good way).


Other things I saw at U of I that were amazing include seeing a guy ODing on something and writhing and screaming and foaming at the mouth in the street get taken away in an ambulance. A girl I met at a party a few weeks ago was dressed as April O'Neil, and that was hot (in the good way). I also saw a group of people dressed as the cast of the Royal Tennenbaums and a very large actual raccoon. I was highly amused watching 4 overweight guys calling the raccoon "fatty." Eventually the other 3 made me stop. Also, going to a mexican restaurant with nine people dressed normally and Pat dressed like Green Lantern was highly amusing.

This concludes all the interesting things that have happened to me lately. But stay tuned, and you'll be treated to more boring happenings that I attempt to put a fun spin on. Like hanging prepositions.