Well, it's staff meeting day again. I've managed to do everything I had to do in the first hour, and get hired by Prof Lin to do web work. Now I'm sitting around listening to loud country music and sucking on life savers. At least Norma Jean's out of town so I get to sit at her desk and look important. Really I just like sitting by an open window. It's so nice out today. Lots of tours. Is it a visit day?

So if I ever needed reassurance that my life is ok, I got it the other day. A mother called the computer science department and asked Joan Steffen, the secretary, if she could speak to a mother of a computer science student. So Joan transferred her to my mom, thinking she wanting info about the program. Turns out the kid is a sophomore computer science major somewhere else and doesn't really have friends, and his mom was calling to try and set up a play date for over Thanksgiving break. She actually used the words "play date." Wow. I feel bad for the kid, but luckily my mom said no. I mean come on, if you're a computer science major, you don't set up a play date with another one. They'd just stare at the floor and make awkward conversation.

A really awesome Brad Paisley song is playing now.

Well, they're back now, and I really need to go to the bathroom.