Well guys, Thanksgiving break is over. You know what that means? Time to get back to work. I didn't do anything productive over this break, and that may come back to bite me later, but I doubt it. I'm just glad I got to enjoy some time off. My time lately has been taken up by Half Life 2, which I have been trying desperately to beat so I can shelve it for a while before it starts interfering with schoolwork. The game is awesome though. If you have about 35 hours of nothing to do, I suggest you play it.

I had the pleasure of spending last night with Reid and Rebecca watching various sci-fi/comedy movies. It was getting lonely in that apartment without someone to tell me jokes and stories involving engineering terms I can't even pronounce, let alone comprehend. Luckily, that awful situation was resolved. Thanks guys.

I'm sure my Valpo friends are probably disappointed to be back here, but I really couldn't be happier to have them back. I was starting to go a little crazy without them.

Hootin' holler to Jess.