I had a program due over a month ago that I haven't finished. The program is a client that connects to a server program and basically transfers files. I was delayed because it inexplicably wouldn't connect to the server at all. It took me until after the due date to resolve this issue, and by then I had lost momentum. Well, I sat down today and finished all of the coding I could. All that remains is to debug some sort of segmentation fault, but I'll leave that to another day cause I'm having finger cramps which, obviously, can only be remedied by typing this post. Larry the Cable Guy has a new Christmas comedy CD out. It's basically a collection of thoughts about various Christmas-related topics, such as the story of the first Christmas and first Thanksgiving according to his drunk grandpa. He also has many politically incorrect holiday parody songs which are hilarious. Overall though, I only give this a 3 out of 5, because it's not that funny overall, but the funny parts made me wet my pants. Twice.

Living in Chicagoland all my life, I have experienced multiple seasons in the same day before. The kind of day that snows in the morning, but then is in the high 60s in the afternoon. The kind of day that makes you question whether you may have fallen asleep at some point and actually slept into the next day. Yeah, I thought I had experienced it all. However, today topped everything. As I walked to class this morning, I experienced three seasons SIMULTANEOUSLY. It's fall. That much I know. There are leaves on the ground, and the ground is wet from rain. However, the ground is also frozen and has a thin layer of snow on it. Winter. However, it is also sunny and somewhat warm and the ground is thawing. Spring. I had a Hawaiian shirt on to purpetuate summer, but I'm not counting that. Luckily, to complete the Chicagoland circle of seasons, there was also construction in sight. Outstanding.