Well, yesterday seven of us went to a Lewis Black show. The opening act was hilarious, especially his impression of Lewis Black. Even so, Lewis Black himself was absolutely hysterical. Luckily, the material was almost completely new, so we were able to enjoy the full scope of his humor. I knew that he would touch on the election and political topics, but I didn't expect a rant about homosexual marriage. The reasoning behind why gays should be allowed to married was a bit far fetched, stretching back to the days when men wanted to marry camels, but he still made many very good points. I'm not going to get into it, but he's right. That's all I'll say. Overall, it was a very funny evening. I'm gearing up for the last week of class by listening to "The Final Countdown" by Europe over and over. Also, it was stuck in my head and I'm trying to force it out by listening to it over and over and over. Fight fire with fire, as they say. This song will play in my head as I triumphantly walk out of Discrete math class for the very last time ever (hopefully) on Thursday. After an entire year of putting up with a man who can't teach from a book you can't read and giving tests that have misspellings and grammatical errors and are written in black marker by hand and photo copied. A part of my soul died everyday in that class as I sat watching him write mathematical formulas and proofs on the board, verbatim from the book in front of me (except he usually makes mistakes as he writes), and then giving us 40 problems that have nothing to do with what he wrote on the board. That's when you have to take you're anger and pack it all down tight. Then, to kick us while we're down, the next day he'll ask if there's any questions about the 40 problems. When someone asks him to show us how to do one, he says he can't, cause it would take him longer than the 50 minute class period to do a single, entire problem. Pack, pack, pack. In three more class periods, I will never have to be taught at by that man ever again. My soul is crying out the way my bladder does when it's full and it knows a toilet is near.

I'll leave you with this final thought from Lewis Black: "If you were truly inspired by either Bush or Kerry during the debates, kill yourself."