It’s never good when I see a slew of articles claiming something that is just so counter to the way Apple does things. I mean seriously, the story is from Digitimes, that alone should raise some red flags.

Digitimes, who is rarely right about Apple, claims Apple will release a version of the MacBook Air this fall that will retail for $799. They certainly are capable of this, but Digitimes’s reasoning is completely wrong.

Digitimes and other sites that have picked up the story are positing that Apple is doing this to compete with Ultrabooks. GigaOM was the first site I’ve seen to properly answer the question: Nope.

(If I may nitpick, though, the GigaOM article states that a $799 MacBook Air would be “the cheapest traditional computer the company has ever made”. I assume “traditional” refers to non-iPads, so I think they may have forgotten about the Mac mini, which even now starts at $599. “Traditional laptop” would be more accurate.)