Adrian Kingsley-Hughes over at ZDNet recently published an article entitled Six Android issues that Google doesn’t want to address. Some commenters on the article expressed that the listed grievances are not Google’s fault, and therefore not their responsibility to fix.

While this may be technically true, as the driving force behind Android, why wouldn’t Google do everything they could to make Android the best OS in the world? Because it’s open, that’s why.

Here’s CEO Eric Schmidt, talking to Reuters about Carrier IQ:

Android is an open platform, so it’s possible for people to build software that’s actually not very good for you, and this appears to be one. It’s a key-logger, and it actually does keep your keystrokes, and we certainly don’t work with them and we certainly don’t support it.

Now here’s me, paraphrasing Eric Schmidt:

Android is an open platform, and therefore we cannot stop the many entities between us and you from making your experience with our product total crap. But don’t blame us. We didn’t ask them to crap on your experience, we just allow it.