I love the Mass Effect series. I recently finished the first two games for the second time. I wanted to make sure to get all the choices right before Mass Effect 3 arrived. Also, some new DLC had been released since my first play. This latest round got me thinking about the plot of the game, and the history of the different species.

This little rant might not make much sense if you haven’t played the game. At the very least, check out the Mass Effect Wiki.

According to the game, the Citadel is a giant space station created by the Reapers. It was originally believed to have been created by the Protheans. The asari were the first species to discover it (after the Prothean extinction), followed by the salarians. Yadda yadda yadda, most species now have an embassy on the Citadel, and are ruled by a council comprised of asari, salarians, and turians.

The part that is often glossed over is how exactly the asari came to inhabit the station. I’m trying to imagine the scenario, and I have to assume it went like this:

The asari find this massive space station in a nebula. They board the station and discover that it’s inhabited by creepy looking creatures who don’t seem to do anything except maintain the systems. All attempts at communication with them fail. The asari are completely ignored. They are able to get many of the station’s systems to work, though they don’t fully understand the majority of the technology. It’s much larger than anything they could build, so they decide to just go ahead and live there, despite the fact that it obviously has inhabitants, and that it doesn’t belong to them.

So for thousands of years, these species continue to live on a space station that they don’t fully understand, and no one tries to figure it out? I mean, that’s rule number one when you enter an abandoned space station, let alone decide to live on it.

And it is a major plot point. The Reapers are counting on the Citadel being the seat of government, with all the major leaders living there and all the species’ records in the database. Their plan also hinges on the species not knowing anything about the station’s real purpose or abilities. I just find it so unlikely that such a situation would occur. This is why I chose humans to lead the council.