MacRumors recently reported on an article from a German website called Samsung has created a new version of the Galaxy Tab called the “Galaxy Tab 10.1N”. Allow me to over-simplify the situation up to this point: Apple sued Samsung because the Galaxy Tab 10.1 looks very much like the iPad, and they won an injunction against its sale in Germany.

MacRumors, and several other sites who have also picked up the story, are reporting that Samsung is attempting to “skirt around the injunction”. I don’t see this as duplicitous at all. Sure, adding a metal band is a minor change, but it isn’t trivial. It is now easier to tell it apart from an iPad at a glance. Seems to me like they are complying with the injunction.

What’s amazing to me is how much a simple change such as this differentiates the product from the iPad. Now, if other tablet makers would put their thinking caps on and realize that they, too, can make unique looking products, Apple might back off a little.

Of course, whether it looks unique enough will ultimately have to be decided by Apple and the courts.