You know, I’ve been pretty busy with some personal projects lately, but I couldn’t help but eaves drop on a conversation currently happening on the Internet. Apparently, some people think Apple will make an approximately 7-inch iPad.

The debate has many facets. Some believe it makes sense for Apple to produce a 7.85-inch iPad that runs iPad apps scaled down. Others believe that a 7-inch iPad that runs iPhone apps scaled up makes more sense. And when I (and they) say “scaled up” and “scaled down”, I (and they) mean that the screens would have physically larger or smaller dimensions, but have the same number of pixels. There would be no actual scaling in the traditional sense.

Now, I’ll say what I always say when there’s a rumor of a new device (such as the new television Apple is supposedly building): the fact that Apple has made a device internally does not necessarily mean they are going to release it. John Gruber expressed the same sentiment on his podcast recently. I consider this discussion to be purely academic until more information is available.

To me, the scaled up iPhone apps make more sense from a usability stand point. However, I see no market for such a device to exist, unless such a device increases readability. I could see a 7.85 inch device running iPad apps filling a niche, but the interface would feel too small, while the difference in physical size isn’t much smaller than a full size iPad.

Here’s my very simple suggestion: rename the iPod touch to the iPad mini (or nano, or whatever). The iPod touch has much more in common with the iPad today than with the iPod lineup. Quick and simple, and now Apple sells two iPads.

That may be wishful thinking, but one thing I do know, though, is that if Apple were to expand the iPad lineup, it would sure be confusing for one device to have a number in the name, while the rest have a suffix. Just look at the iPod lineup for precedent. In it’s heyday, the flagship device was named simply iPod, while the others sported a suffix (mini, nano, shuffle). I have no problem with the iPad following the same pattern.