Oh Samsung, you never learn, do you? Maybe not, but neither does Cult of Mac. They published a piece on Samsung’s shameless new S Launcher, which looks surprisingly like the OS X Dock, Leopard style. I’m sure the usuals, like Jim Dalrymple, will talk about that part of the story, but something different caught my eye:

Stealing an idea like the dock is fine. Great companies steal, but they transform the idea into something that is their own. Microsofts Start Menu was inspired by the OS X dock, but they made it look and function completely different.

Really, Cult of Mac? The Start Menu was inspired by the Dock?

The Start Menu, from 1995


was inspired by the Dock, from 2001.

Even if you look at the Dock’s predecessor from the 1980s, it’s still hard to believe this row of icons inspired a hierarchical menu system.

How can you know if something is “inspired by” something else if it “look[s] and function[s] completely different[ly]”? Now, the Windows 7 Taskbar, on the other hand…