I’ve been using Windows 8 for a few weeks. Before I installed it, I had concerns that multiple monitor setups had been ignored in the UI design. I’ve always used at least two monitors, so I was thrilled when I saw this on Microsoft’s website:

Do more with multiple monitors

After reading this wonderful page, I decided that Microsoft had definitely put some thought into my situation. I installed Windows 8 with confidence.

As it turns out, multiple monitors are a pain in the butt. Microsoft’s website says:

When you connect additional monitors to your Windows 8 or Windows RT PC, you can […] Use the four corners of any monitor to open the Start screen, charms, and your recent apps

In theory, this means I could move my mouse into the corner of any screen and make the somewhat asinine pointer gesture to activate that corner’s function. In practice, since I am not an android, it means that when I move the mouse to the top left corner of my primary monitor, it moves on to the secondary monitor and activates the right side function of that monitor. The Start screen is activated in the bottom left corner, which means I almost always miss it on the first try. This is the most annoying aspect of the OS that I’ve experienced so far.