My Github page contains all the software I've written that I've been able to make open source. In recent years, I've transitioned from working with PHP and jQuery to more modern front-end technologies such as React and Angular 2. As such, I'm only maintaining the newer projects and contributing to others. My old PHP/jQuery projects are no longer maintained (not that they were ever "released" to begin with).

If you ever use something I've written, please let me know what you think! Or, even better, please consider contributing to one of them.

Incidentally, if you're looking for the list of recommended software, I removed it because it was a little too arbitrary and difficult to remember to maintain.


Actively Maintained

  • Paginatify - My current pet project. Paginatify is a highly configurable pagination component for React projects It can be used in a variety of ways to suit multiple use cases.

No Longer Maintained

  • Csv - An object-oriented PHP library for working with CSV files.
  • Database - A PHP library for accessing databases, primarily MySQL. Basically a simplifying wrapper for PDO.
  • Action Menu - A JQuery plugin that allows for cross-browser styling of select dropdowns and easily adding javascript actions to each option.
  • Overlay - A simple JQuery plugin that creates a full-browser wait-state overlay that prevents user interaction.


I'm not one of those people that posts a ton of gists, but here's one you may find useful some day:

  • Copylink - Bookmarklet that generates an HTML list item of the current page. I used it for making the episode topic links for podcasts.